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We stock an extensive selection of solid teak Anglo/Indian furniture. From small tables and mirrors to impressive carved cupboards and beds many with original tiles. All very functional pieces.

  • Blue Teak Anglo Indian Cupboard
  • Teak Smokers Chairs
  • Kantha Long Storage Stool
  • Teak Larder Cupboard
  • Anglo Indian Teak Bed Size 105cm x 204cm
  • Anglo Indian Teak Bed
  • Low Carved Fronted Teak Box.
  • Very fine Anglo Indian Mirrored Dresser
  • Blue Chest (made from a set of heavy teak doors)
  • Very Fine Anglo Indian Teak Cupboard
  • Anglo Indian Cast Iron Bench
  • Low painted Side Cupboard
    Low painted Side Cupboard
  • Heavy Teak Tea Chest.
  • Low Teak Coffee Table.
  • Anglo Indian Painted Cupboard
  • Set of Iron Jali and teak Havali doors
  • Blue carved fronted cupboard
  • Plantation Chair
  • Blue Teak Cupboard, North India
  • Teak Cupboard
  • Teak Mirrored Cupboard
  • Painted Teak Cupboard
  • Kitchen Console / Cupboard
  • Teak Bed Box
  • Teak Bed Box
  • Very unsual piece of hill station furniture
  • Wooden Dough Trough
  • Teak Multi Draw Sideboard.
  • Bamboo Range
  • Teak Table, North India.
  • Teak Table, North India.
  • Teak Trunk Anglo Indian
  • Nuristan chest. 100cm x 38cm height 58cm.
  • Nuristan chest. 100cm x 85cm.
  • Swat Valley Chest
  • Pitara Dowry Chest, Teak with tube tile inserts. Cir 1900. Very fine chest.
  • Painted Teak Table
  • Blue Teak Trunk
  • Heavy Teak Chest
    Heavy Teak Chest
  • Painted Teak Cupboard
    Painted Teak Cupboard
  • Painted temple wall cupboard
  • Green Teak side cupboard
  • Cart Table £750
    Buffalo Cart Table
  • North Indian Teak Cupboard
    North Indian Teak Cupboard
  • Light painted bed box
  • Blue painted teak cupboard
  • Nuristan chest
  • Painted Chest
    Painted Chest
  • Painted Cupboard
    Painted Cupboard
  • Plantation Chairs
    Plantation Chairs
  • Bamboo stools
    Bamboo stools