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Architectural Items

We travel extensively to source such items as craftsman made howdahs, palanquins, trunks and chests, all truly individual pieces the like of which will never be seen again. There is nothing more evocative than to touch the grand wooden doorway of an early Merchants house and wonder about the lives of those who have gone before.

We have carved interiors, beams, pillars and decorative panels in wood and stone from houses and buildings dating from the days of the illustrious Indian Princess.

  • Teak & Iron Barred Gates
  • Teak & Iron Barred Gates
  • Anglo Indian Teak Bed Size 105cm x 204cm
  • Anglo Indian Teak Bed
  • South Indian Christian Spice Door
    South Indian Christian Spice Door
  • Very Fine Havali Door.
  • Anglo Indian Cast Iron Bench
  • Anglo Indian Painted Cupboard
  • Early Wooden Urns
  • Very unsual piece of hill station furniture
  • Wooden Dough Trough
  • Pair of Very Fine Teak Doors In Frame
  • Decorative pair of distressed teak doors.
  • Blue Garden Lamp £68.
    Blue Garden Lamps
  • Very early mounted teak and iron pulley
  • Very early mounted teak wheel
  • Cart Table £750
    Buffalo Cart Table
  • Iron Fire Bowls
    Iron Fire Bowls
  • stone jali panel
    Carved Stone Jali Panels
  • Teak Brackets
    Teak Carved Brackets
  • Mogul stone pillar
  • Haveli doors in teak
    Haveli doors in teak
  • Old Pair of painted haveli doors
  • Old teak haveli doors