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Artique is renowned for one of the largest collections of affordable tribal costumes and textiles from the nomadic cultures of Central Asia. If you are an established collector or just starting out, Artique is well worth a visit.

We also hold a unique stock of beautiful hand embroidered crewel work fabrics and wood block printed cottons by the metre.

  • Silk Kantha Scarf
  • Sari String Balls
  • Carpet Kilim and Leather Handbags
  • Tribal textile wallets
  • Tribal textile purses
  • Block Print Village Quilts
  • Torans
  • Old Mounted Textile
  • Suzani 10ft x8ft
  • Suzani 12ft x 8ft
  • Rajasthani Juties
  • Village Textile Cushions
  • Old Mounted Textile
    Old Mounted Textile
  • Block Print soft balls
    Block Print soft balls
  • Indian block print fabric
    Indian block print fabric
  • crewel work
    Crewel Fabric